Half empty, half full.

Tonight, my 6 yr old, Harley, came up to me with excitement in his eyes. “I’ve only got five more books to get mummy, look!” As he said it, thrilled, and with a beaming smile, he showed me the list of available books in his Steady Eddie collection. All six of them.

Feel free to read that back.

Still writing, My red headed boy is flying now. badly though I fear, more work needed! 🙂 I got some more feedback on my work, from my writer colleague, her response was exactly that which I was aiming for wih my stories. Whether this is a response sufficient for a publisher to invest, I don’t know, but – its nice to know that my intention has come across to at least one person. Maybe, that’s all it’ll ever be?! Particulary given that today I received the second of my agent rejections.

or maybe… thats two closer to the one who says yes. Thanks Harley…


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