“Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the truth.”

Hot Chocolate lied.

Now, in order to avoid any court orders suggesting I have slandered the popular 70’s disco group, I should state that this is my own, personal and humble opinion, but still; Hot Chocolate lied. It’s simple. Not everyone is a winner, especially when they don’t win. Then, they are very definitely not a winner. Or even a runner up. Thank god my mother still loves me otherwise what else would I have!?

It’s ok, I’m not bitter. I mean, for the purposes of blog fun, clearly I will claim distress as my emotion du jour, but I’m ok. Partly because I self medicated with large quantities of Yorkshire Pudding, chocolate and wine during yesterday and partly because today I decided I’m obviously not good enough yet and therefore must try harder. It’s not that I’m competitive but…

I do wish a heartfelt well done to the two runners up and the ultimate winner of the New Talent Award at the Festival of Romance Lucie Wheeler must be over the moon and quite rightly so. I shall just keep on plugging away. Moving on. Slowly, slowly.

In the meantime, as I prepare to do battle with the second draft of Glitter Red Shoes, I’ve also uploaded some writing I did for Octopus Magazine, a family magazine from Cornwall. I was invited to write a column about motherhood after hanging up my power suits (I never had a power suit) and leaving work last year. If you missed it, want to re-read or simply want to gloat at what a better mother you are than me, read the last six entries of Diary of an Unfit Mother here.

For now, I’m over and out. #amwriting


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