Blah, blah, blurb.

I approached Draft three like Giant Haystacks swaggering into the ring about to take down my glittery manuscript. I spent much of the “in progress” bit with my head in my hands, despairing. And as I came to the end of the draft I felt a bit numb, and in dire need of intravenous gin. I’m unclear if this is a good thing or not.  (The numb bit, I mean – intravenous gin is always good*.)

Part way through, as deep-seated “I can’t do this” panic set in, I enlisted the help of my Dad, who agreed to read through it, offer his thoughts, and hopefully a critical eye… He is currently pondering and I hope, not searching for the right way to tell me not to bother. Truth is, this particular draft has taught me vast amounts about my approach. So, topical was it, that I should be invited to take part in a current writing blog tour called #mywritingprocess by Wyl Menmuir, you can read his blog here. I’m up next week, and the process of writing down my writing process – combined with the end of a draft – I have begun to wonder if there might just be… a better way! In order to establish where I’m at though, I have reworked the blurb I wrote at the end of draft two and thought I’d share it.

So here it is, the blurb for my current WIP Glitter Red Shoes and Sky Blue Gingham

When Ed’s wife Ellie dies in his recently estranged brother’s car, everything he thought he knew of their marriage is thrown in to question.  He has to struggle on though, his ten day old son needs him to.

Rachel is part cavalry, part mess. In love with the idea of love, she swoops in to care for Oli – Ed’s son – and in so doing, gets tangled up in the mess without really understanding the consequence. She relates, she’s known grief too. She can help. She thinks.

And then there is the diary. Ellie’s diary of the years, months and days leading up to the accident. When Rachel finds it, she exposes more questions, not just about Ellie, but also herself and how her relationship to Ed and Oli, has got way out of hand. Can she help Ed learn the truth, without losing him all together?

Glitter Red Shoes and Sky Blue Gingham is a story of love, friendship, loss and survival. Because sometimes, you have no choice.

They say you should write the book you want to read, and I’d want to read this book. I just hope that I can do the story justice. Draft four, watch out – any day now, I’m coming for you… (FYI If you don’t click this link, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!)

*Disclaimer: For the interests of being sensible, do not attempt to intravenously, self medicate gin.


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