Meet My Main Character – A Blog Hop

Oooh, I’m here again on a blog hop. How exciting! Thanks to Bella Osborne who invited me to join in, in case you missed her; Bella likes to juggle her writing with holding down a proper job, being a mum, doing a writing course and trying to finish her second novel. Oh and also doing a fortnightly column for Novel Kicks. She lives in the Midlands with her ever patient husband and daughter and a deaf geriatric cat with an attitude problem and Ninja tendencies. Funnily enough – she says – her blog doesn’t get updated as often as it should. She answered these questions last week, now it’s my turn.

I’ve answered this in relation to my recently completed novel Glitter Red Shoes and Sky Blue Gingham. Having done seven drafts, plus final amends from my Editor (that makes me sound posh doesn’t it… my Editor is actually my Dad – thanks Dad!) the book is currently languishing in the slush piles of all my favourite agents. Who knows what will happen to it next…

What is the name of the main character? Is he real or fictitious?
My main character is called Ed Moran. He is entirely fictitious, bearing no resemblance to anyone alive or dead… though when I googled the name sometime after I had attached it to him – I was momentarily concerned that everyone would relate to Ed Moran the now retired track and road runner… anyone? No? Hopefully not as the name has stuck!

When and where is the story set?
The story is in three parts, mostly across a five year period (2005-10.) It is set in a made up place somewhere around the Lincolnshire/Leicestershire borders. To be honest, this was the hardest part of the book for me – because place just didn’t figure at all in many early drafts and I found that by draft five – I had completely overlooked this fact. So I had to make somewhere up that made sense geographically, but didn’t really exist. It is leafy suburbia, think outskirts of Bristol, Nottingham or Sheffield… and its fruition was one of the biggest lessons in defining sense of place. Something I will definitely resolve at the outset in future books!

What should we know about him?
Ed’s wife has been killed in his brother’s car, ten days after she gave birth to their son. When we meet him, he is navigating his way through her funeral. Uncertain how he’ll survive this unforeseen change in his circumstances, he knows that however he feels about life now, the baby strapped to his chest, needs him to find a way.

What is the main conflict?
The main conflict relates around why his wife was in his brother’s car. Ed cannot understand it, given that they had all recently fallen out. Trying to establish the facts results in everything he thought he knew of his wife and his marriage, being thrown in to question. And the only person able to give him the truth, is no longer here to defend herself. Was she who he thought she was, and if not – how can he process that information?

What is the character’s goal?
Survival. To make it through to a situation in which he can manage his grief, be a good father to his son, a good husband to his wife’s memory and maybe one day, find happiness again.

So there we have it. The main character in my book. There are others, Rachel: the nursery nurse who takes care of Oli when Ed goes back to work, her best friend Mo: whose ambition to be a WAG clouds the fact she is the best friend Rachel could ever have, and Ellie: Ed’s wife, whose diaries give us an insight into her life as she saw it.

Up next; Heather Hill is a comedy writer, mum of five (not the band) and author of Amazon 100 best selling inspirational and hilarious novel for women, ‘The New Mrs D’. I’ve read it, it is all the LOL’s.

*offers out the blog baton*

Thanks for reading.


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