I’ve been reflecting. Well it’s that time of year isn’t it? Where we look back and celebrate (or depress ourselves) with what has (Or hasn’t) been achieved. And I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet on the blog because of that reflection. You see, I didn’t want to get too self-absorbed.

Ha! In a blog. About me and my writing journey. Because that’s not already a little self-absorbed. Yes, well. Anyway.

Since my last post, dramatically titled “I’ve Stopped”, I started again. I took a break of a few weeks and seemed to get some clarity on the new manuscript and managed to get the first draft done. I’ll be honest, I don’t love it. In fact, at the moment, I don’t much like it but I think, having walked away and given it a bit of space, it might just be fixable. With grit, and determination and coffee and hope. And a lot of deleting!

But then I turned my attention backwards. Because on a whim, I entered a competition to be published and surprisingly, I was shortlisted! To win. And be published! Cut to me have an almighty crisis of confidence that if I won I was going to have to try and fix a book I knew was still a long way off good. So I thought a lot about it, and then, on the morning they announced the winner – despite suspecting I probably hadn’t won – I had a blistering realisation of what I needed to do. All feedback dropped into relevant place and I had a plan. And so, when I didn’t win, I was left with the dilemma: finish the project just in case. Or park it in the knowledge that forward is the only route.

So, I’ve been editing. Because, despite all those drafts, it felt unfinished. A job half done. And how could I pursue this pipe dream without being a finisher. Although it isn’t yet done, and I don’t imagine it will be till the end of January because yes, there is that much work that needs doing, I think it might still have potential yet. It hasn’t won anything, it hasn’t been picked up by anyone, but it has been sniffed at. Several times. So it’s not over till I say so, right? Right.

January I intend to finish the new draft of Glitter and submit it to five, final agents I haven’t yet submitted to, but that I really like the look of.

February onwards, I intend to go back to the new manuscript and edit that first draft. And hope that I can make it good. And then, come sometime around June, I shall start submitting that one – assuming I haven’t secured an agent by then. Because, dear reader, 2014 was the year I’d get agents calling in my MS. That’s the target I set myself. And they did.

2015 is the year I aim to get an agent. That’s my target.

Slowly, slowly…

PS. Is it too early to say it? Surely not… Happy Christmas! Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂


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