How to Mend a Broken Heart

How to Mend a Broken Heart FINAL

Once upon a time, there was a woman, just an ordinary one, but a woman all the same. This woman had a fancy, a notion, a dream that she might one day progress from her childhood novel writing (you can read The Owl At Home by Anna Hall age 6, here!) to something a bit more, well, longer. And more public. Something that might even get a book cover and blurb and taglines. Something, for example, like this

So when Friday came, and her debut novel received a cover reveal, that woman stared at her computer, the shape of her chair forming itself in to her behind; so wrapped up was she in the moment. People shared it and re-tweeted it and in some cases, even pre-ordered. PRE-ORDERED!!! A book written by me… I mean, that woman. Pre-orders from people who weren’t that woman’s parents or friends or even passing aquaintances with whom she’d once shared a mutual understanding of the value in parma violets. (is it a coincidence that parma violets would perfectly match the front cover of her debut? I DON’T THINK SO!)  And she spent the weekend in a heady daze of happy knowing the world is full of brilliant people who support each other and encourage and read and shout and generally make that woman feel like, for the briefest of moments, she was reaching her long held dreams. So she wishes to say thank you: to the team at Bookouture, to Sarah Gibb who designed this beauty, and to all the lovely authors, bloggers, twitterers and facebookers who helped spread the word. You made that woman…. ah, shucks, you made ME, a very happy bunny! Thank you! Onwards now, I’ve another book to write… x


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