The Lost Wife

Well, firstly, forgive me. I’m a day late. I was stuck in a car on a twelve hour trek from Snodownia to West Cornwall all day yesterday. I was celebrating publication day via a wonky 3G signal, navigating the welsh back roads, a rammed M5 and a vomiting dog. Still, we made it, and I blame him indoors’ driving for bringing on Olive Dog’s delicate tummy.

So, what I didn’t get to tell you yesterday, is that I am so very proud to see The Lost Wife (formerly Since You’ve Been Gone…) (Even more formerly, Glitter Red Shoes and Sky Blue Gingham!), find its way out in to the world.

I love this story so much! I love the bones of it. I love everything it means both as a story and as a precious book baby. The reviews have so far been so lovely I can’t quite believe it. I just hope that lots and lots of people read it. Sending ALL of the good vibes out there.

I’ll repost some of those reviews, the ones on wordpress ‘cos I know how to do that! And I hope you’ll forgive me such indulgence. I’d given up hope of ever seeing this one out there, so I’m overwhelmed when people love it!

Thanks to all those who’ve read it so far, and all those who think they might. The Lost Wife cover





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