About Me…

I write fiction about life. About people. About the things that happen to us and the way we deal with them. I’m inspired by people like JoJo Moyes, Mhairi McFarlane and Kerry Hudson. I’m also taken by Alan Bennett… I love, love, love his writing.

I love grit, but I love humour too. I love place. I explore darker themes, because life is full of them, but life has this way of balancing humour right along side; I love that too.

Usually, I embrace all these things in my writing. Because we all face it, day in, day out. But, to me, it’s important that we are defined by who we are, not the grit life has thrown at us. So, I have suffered anxiety and depression over the years, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a writer, I am a dog owner, I am a pain in the arse from time to time and sometimes, I can be quite thoughtful. None of these things in their own right define me, rather make up the person I am today… warts, wrinkles, cellulite, forgetfulness and all!

And that is the same approach I take to my books.

My debut novel, How to Mend a Broken Heart, is about kindness. The Lost Wife is about survival. They cover many topics within that, but their heart lies in life. And in life, we also find humour, love, romance, happiness, laughter, and cake… always cake.

People have said some lovely things about my writing, you can read it if you want to, on the reviews found here and here. Thanks for visiting my site!



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