Alongside my writing, I make some actual money to pay the bills… or at the very least contribute towards them… by doing marketing for lovely people in the creative industries. I have worked in dance and theatre for the majority of my almost twenty year career. In that time I have managed to shoehorn writing into my job, but also branding, pr, business development, promotion, sales and other stuff that comes under the marketing banner; websites, social media, box office, customer relationship management, tea making, mini-bus driving in a field following torrential rain conditions (this actually happened, good times).

I have had the privilege of working for and with some of the loveliest people in our industry; Kneehigh, Dance4, Dance Republic 2 to name just a few. I have freelanced, been employed, hovered around in the background giving people my twopennuthworth… some people call that being a board member. I have loved every minute of it. (almost.)

I can still do this sort of thing. If you so wish. You can see all my skills on LinkedIN or drop me an email anna at annamansell dot co dot uk (that’s code for… oh, you know what I mean!)


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