What a difference a day makes…

I sit here, at the end of Thursday 18th February, 2016, somewhat dazed by the last few hours. You may, (or may not), have noticed I’ve been a little quiet of late. And, you’ll remember my last post was about the fact I was planning to self-publish  my novel this year. 2016 has not entirely... Continue Reading →


To self-publish or not…

Self-publishing has never been my plan. When people ask why I don’t just do it on my first two books, my answer is always the same: it takes more than one person to write a book. If agents and publishers don’t think it’s good enough, maybe that’s because it isn’t. I still feel that way.... Continue Reading →

Another year, another…what?

About this time of year I write a round-up of the year. In the past, I’ve celebrated the successes, I’ve made bright plans for the coming year, and I’ve generally been quite upbeat. (I know, hard to believe but I promise you it’s true – occasionally on this journey my cup’s been half full!) 2015... Continue Reading →

Grit, Graft and Paper Diamonds.

Before pressing publish on a new blog, I always go through a series of questions: Q: Am I being honest? A: I’m write fiction, artistic license is my go to. Q: Will I be embarrassed about it retrospectively? A: Occasionally. Often. Probably. Q: Are those reading it now bored of three years moaning and whining... Continue Reading →


Sssshhhh, come here, keep your voice down…. I shouldn’t be here… I mean where I am is okay, I’m atop my fit ball, before my laptop, pen in hand. (Red, Edits, natch). The thing is, I should be in the other word file… the one over there… no, don’t look, Don’t look. It’s…. TERRIFYING. I... Continue Reading →

It’s all allowed.

I think it’s fair to say my writing verges on the dark. I can do amusing, light stuff from time to time, I'm aware of the need to balance but, generally speaking, I’m interested, moved and inspired by the challenges we face in life. I’m not sure if that’s because of my own life, or... Continue Reading →

Yorkshire in my blood.

I have a complex relationship with my home county. Generations of my family are Yorkshire. There’s a smidge of Lincolnshire and a dash of Derbyshire but fundamentally, it’s Yorkshire. And that is where I most identify; Sheffield is my home city, I swear like a Northerner, I say bath not barth and we've often discussed... Continue Reading →

Body Image and me.

Body image. I don’t write about this stuff normally. There are people who do it better. But it has consumed me in recent weeks, I have battled the image I have of myself and its imbalance with that I have of others. Four years ago I started dieting, 3 years ago I hit my target... Continue Reading →

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